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Texas Title Standards

The Texas Title Examination Standards Editorial Board is proud to submit the following for comment:

DRAFT - Proposed Texas Title Examination Standards covering the Texas Recordation Acts. 

The Recording Standards which appear in the Oil and Gas Reporter are the product of several years of diligent work by the Board. These standards are a fundamental part of the practice of both oil and gas and real estate law. We believe that these recording standards will assist attorneys, land men, division order analysts and abstractors.  The recording standards are also published by the Real Estate, Probate and Trust Law Section, and once approved by both sections will be added to the existing title standards which are printed in the Texas Property Code. The current Texas Title Examination Standards appear as Title 2 - Appendix to the Texas Property Code.

The Title Examination Standards Joint Editorial Board proposes to add nine new Texas Title Standards: Standards 4.40 through 4.120, inclusive.

Please study these proposed changes together with the proposed comments and cautions. The Title Examination Standards Board requests and encourages you to submit your comments to the board so that this work will be refined before it is submitted for final adoption and promulgation. We would also appreciate any recommendations that you may have to amend or augment the existing standards. Please send your comments and suggestions by June 15, 2013, to:

Edward H. Hill, Chair
Texas Title Examination Standards Editorial Board
3909 Doris Drive
Amarillo, TX 79109

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